Nova Scotia Goes for Goalball

Photo by Andres Porras

Halifax–Nova Scotia could be welcoming Paralympic athletes from across the country next year. Goalball Nova Scotia is bidding to host Junior Nationals in 2017.

Peter Parsons, coach of the Nova Scotia team, says the decision to bid for nationals came from a discussion with an official at the Canadian Blind Sports Association.  

“She thought we had the best chance at getting Junior Nationals,” Parsons says, “We’ve never hosted… we’ve only had the program going for three years.”

Goalball is a Paralympic sport for people who are blind or visually impaired. It’s played on a volleyball sized court with two three-person teams. Players wear blindfolds and have to use their hearing to block the opposing team from scoring on their net. 20 people play goalball in Nova Scotia.

Junior Nationals is for athletes 19 and under Parsons says he hopes that hosting them will engage more people in the sport.

“We’re really excited to hopefully host junior nationals next year,” Parsons said, “I think it’ll be great exposure for the sport of goalball.”

The boys and girls teams will head to Michigan this weekend for their last tournament before heading to Calgary for Junior Nationals in April.

Andres Porras

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