North Preston Land Title series: New stories launch February 24

Last year, the Radio & Television Arts students brought you Untitled, A Legacy of Land in North Preston. Their stories uncovered a centuries-old historic wrong in the community where one-third of residents in North Preston don’t have clear title to land, land they pay taxes on. This means they can’t legally sell their land or pass it down to their children. Our investigation received national coverage in Canada and prompted the government of Nova Scotia to officially commit to helping resolve this injustice.

One year later, and with a new group of students, we decided to follow up on the issue to see if any progress had been made. We have new stories to share, including a response from the government.

Join us February 24, 2017 at NSCC Waterfront Campus in the lecture theatre for the launch of our new stories.

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Join us for our launch

Join us for our launch

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