Local comic book store is helping kids learn to read

SACKVILLE- Jay Roy owns Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles in Lower Sackville. He’s using his passion for comic books to help kids learn to read.

“Comics are a great way to help kids learn how to read because they have visuals and if you have a visual along with the words, it’s going to help their comprehension. It’s going to boost their confidence,” says Roy.

The literacy program at Cape and Cowl will aim to engage kids in learning that is exciting and fun. Roy says that using graphic novels and comics as learning tools can motivate youths to hit the books.

Brian Welcher and 8 year old son, Xavier share a love of comics.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for a community member and a parent to know that you have more than just a comic book shop, but a place where people are going be involved in having a better time with words,” says Welcher.

“It can teach you how to read and it’s also fun … at the same time,” says Xavier who hopes to one day to be a theoretical physicist.

Cape and Cowl Comics opened in September and Roy has high hopes for this program and the store.

“I want it to be more than a comic book store, I want it to be a community space … because I have taught reading before I knew it was something I could integrate well.”

Roy hopes to start the literacy program later this year.


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  1. Hey Ray Great job! I have an 8 year old who may be by to see if you can help 😉 He struggles to read, and until recently having discovered Night Wing, had no interest in reading at all! It’s still tricky with him!

    Also did you know there’s a program through the HRM libraries and TPOC (Therapeutic Paws of Canada), that helps kids read? They have trained therapy dogs go to the library and the kids read to the dogs, because they’re non judgemental it helps boost confidence and helps the kids to read and find enjoyment in it, rather than the fear of ridicule! I wonder if perhaps having TPOC dogs in your shop might also help your reading program as well? I know the dogs have also gone to the universities to help students relax during exams. Just a thought, but I bet it would be a huge hit! What could better to a little boy (or girl) than man’s best friend AND comic books?! I think I might enjoy that myself 😉 LoL There’s a link to TPOC’s pet therapy program on my own website on the pet’s page.

    Good Luck with your program! I look forward to dropping by with my son to check out your shop :)

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